Ikaruga White-Blue Polarity Mode

Ikaruga in the White/Blue Polarity

The Ikaruga (lit. Mottled Dove) is the titular ship of Ikaruga, and is piloted by Shinra. Either player can play the game with Ikaruga as their ship. It's piloted by Shinra throughout the entire game.


Approximately 23 meters long, the Ikaruga is a unique Hitekkai aircraft built and designed in the small village of the same name. It carries two vulcans machine guns which are positioned in the front of the ship, side by side. Within the wingspan of the ship are a series of ports where a barrage of homing lasers can be fired out, targeting enemies close to the Ikaruga.

A unique feature of the Ikaruga is the ability to change its own polarity, by expanding what looks to be a force field around itself which absorbs any projectile that has the same polarity, while letting any projectile of the opposite polarity through like it wasn't there. Every bit of energy that is absorbed into the Ikaruga is used by the homing laser, mostly.



  • Ikaruga is named after a bird of the same name and the town where said bird can be found.