The Eboshidori (lit. Black Hat Bird) is one of five Butsutekkai units known to exist. The unit is piloted by the Horai General, Asami Kagehisa. It appears as the first boss of Ikaruga, at the end of Chapter 1.


The Eboshidori has a vaguely humanoid form (the only known unit to have such an appearance), which is utilized to carry a multitude of weaponry; a sword-shaped weapon which fires White/Blue Polarity bullets, a round shield which fires a barrage of Black/Red Polarity bullets, and turrets and grenades which specialize in both. Its left arm carries a weapon which fires White/Blue Polarity bullets with homing properties (though not to the extent of the Ikaruga or the Ginkei).

The main polarity of the Eboshidori is White/Blue. The exact size of the Eboshidori is unknown, though it is far larger and wider than the Ikaruga or Ginkei.



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